Blackdog Cat - Reborn

Blackdog Cat has entered a new phase of bringing you the best boats on the water.

We are excited to announce that the company has had a change of ownership, with three new directors joining the company.


Kevin Ogle has been involved in the company since its inception and remains as one of the current directors.


Luke and Jonny Ogle, Kevin’s sons, have had the opportunity to buy in. They bring enthusiasm, experience of recreational boating, and aluminium boat manufacture. The Ogle family have always had boats and have made the most of what the sea has to offer, whether its fishing, diving, or towing behind. They believe the Blackdog Cat has evolved into a serious contender when it comes to the perfect boat, and are dedicated to producing a quality product. Luke is Manager, and Jonny is the Workshop Supervisor.


Ajit Balasingham, has also joined the company. Ajit brings his business expertise and experience to the team. He enjoys water sports, and believes that Blackdog Cat boats are ready to take the Australasian market by storm.


Together these four are passionate about bringing you the ultimate catamaran boat, wherever you are in New Zealand or Australia. The same principles apply – Safety, Stability, Space, Soft ride!