Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view a Blackdog Cat?

Call our NZ freephone 0800-430 212 and arrange a test ride (+64275776563 from Australia). We have demo boats at our Factory in Whangarei NZ, and boats available throughout New Zealand and Australia.

What is the Blackdog Cat warranty term?

New boats come with a Five year manufacturer’s warranty. Some conditions apply – refer to the Owner’s Guide for details.

Do you sell Blackdog Cats in Australia?

Yes, contact us through our website, and we will start you on your Blackdog Cat journey.

How will the Blackdog Cat handle a bar crossing?

That depends on the conditions, skipper and local knowlege. Any boat caught in the impact zone of a dumping wave will take on water.
The Blackdog Cat is different to most because it is positively buoyant and will stay afloat even when awash with water. Due to its superb stability characteristics, it is more resiliant in these conditions than mono- hull boats.

What sort of trailer do I need?

You have an option - either a custom trailer built Alloy trailer built in our factory. Or we can arrange a custom steel trailer by DMW Trailers.


Why choose a Catamaran – The truth about Blackdog Cat Boats

Since we started building Blackdog Cats we have heard what people perceive a catamaran can and cannot do. There are obvious benefits to having a safer and more stable boat, which gives you more space than its Mono-hull equivalent, but often, people get the wrong end of the stick when it comes to their other attributes. Hopefully the following will help dispel a few misconceptions. This has been written by us here at Blackdog Cat – the people that build and use them and stand proudly by our product.

Are Catamarans different to drive?

It is true that Catamarans are different to drive than a mono-hull, however it is easy to learn the difference. Anyone who drives a Mono-hull can drive a Cat – NO SWEAT! You only have to ask a current Blackdog Cat owner, and they’ll tell you! Blackdog Cat will happily explain the difference, and take you for a demonstration, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Can Cats handle rough seas?

One of the defining factors of a Blackdog Cat is how soft they ride when it gets choppy. Time and time again we prove during demos, that you can count on your Blackdog Cat to get you through the rough stuff, come see for yourself.

Are Cats bad in a head sea?

The key to the soft ride that cats exhibit is in the tunnel, and more importantly the air that is trapped inside the tunnel as the boat meets the water. Size for size, head to head, a cat will outperform a mono-hull any day.

Do Blackdog Cats track well in a following sea?

A catamaran tracks exceptionally well in a following sea. Mono hulls tend to plow into the front wave as it comes down, and can broach down the face. Cats are more buoyant in the bow, and have a wider, more stable “stance” in the water. We have put a lot of time into developing our hulls. On the plane, they lift the bows well out of the water, this helps prevent bow steer in all conditions.

Will my new Blackdog Cat hold its value?

Currently, due to the limited number of Blackdog Cats that have been built (only 230, as of July 2017), there is a huge demand for them second hand. At Blackdog Cat we constantly get enquiries about second hand boats for sale. Owners are frequently trading in their old boat to upgrade to the latest and greatest design – they never take long to sell.

Are Cats harder to get onto the trailer?

The simple answer is no. Both at the boat ramp, and on the beach, a catamaran is much easier to get back on the trailer.

At the ramp, the boat naturally finds its centre on the trailer, due to the rollers that support the boat through the tunnel. You can drive the boat up all the way to the winch.

On the beach, the boat sits flat, so all that is needed is to line up the trailer, and winch the boat straight on. No need to hold it level.


Still have a question? Email us at or call 0800 430 212