Our Story

From the Blackdog Steelworks in Whangarei, we used to see a lot of rubber tube boats in Bream Bay and wherever else we dropped a line for our next catch. But the problem we kept seeing was the rubber tubes would invariably puncture – not what you want out on the water.

We knew we could do something different with some Kiwi thinking and clever aluminium work. The Blackdog Cat was born.

Since 2009, we’ve been designing and manufacturing dual-hull boats, made from marine-grade aluminium that have more space, better safety and more stability than a monohull. Over the years, we’ve kept improving our designs and expanding our operations to get bigger and better boats out on the water throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Your experience out on the water in your Blackdog Cat is everything to us. It’s pretty rare that we have an off-the-shelf boat; you’ll be part of the design process as we’re 100% committed to providing you with a bespoke boat, perfect for the type of boating you do. Got a young family? Get a ski pole for biscuiting or towing a wakeboard. If you want more power and more fishing rod holders, then we’ll make it happen.

We’ve built taller cabins for taller guys, and we even added a winch and lifter to help one client get their wheelchair onto the boat so they could keep enjoying the water and snorkel without limits.

Get in touch with Graeme and the team on 027 577 6563 (NZ) to find out how we can get you into your new Blackdog Cat.
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What makes Blackdog Cats superior?

A smoother, safer and more comfortable experience on the water – guaranteed.

Superior strength and stability and innovative Kiwi engineering mean a Blackdog Cat handles sea conditions like no other boat of its size.

Designed to be better


Dual marine-grade aluminium sealed pontoons mean Blackdog Cats stay afloat, even when flooded with water


Twin hulls lower your centre of gravity. Toe kick at deck level, to help you lock into position. It’s the boat that won’t roll.


Our dual-hull design stabilises your ride for an easier, smoother boating experience and a softer landing, even in rough conditions.


A better design so you can use your whole boat – and have more storage for fishing gear, the family picnic and diving kits.

Meet the


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Luke Ogle

Operations Manager
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Luke was bitten by the boating bug long ago, so it’s just as well he’s leading the team as our Ops Manager. Luke has sailed throughout the Pacific and completed his yachtmaster’s course – but nowadays you’re just as likely to find him snorkelling or freediving the waters around Whangarei.

Graeme Heapy

Sales Manager
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Graeme’s been selling Blackdog Cats since 2013 and an invaluable part of our team since 2019. In a previous life, Graeme was a business bank manager, but has always had the water in his veins having been involved with Spearfishing NZ for 40 years.

Jonny Ogle

Workshop Supervisor & Director
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Jonny’s been involved with use since we first started building boats in 2009, and a company director since 2016. A mad fisherman and trained mechanical engineer who cut his teeth in steelworks, Jonny oversees the high standard of fabrication of our Blackdog Cats.

Sonny Waipouri

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Sonny used to be a tree feller in the far north before joining us in 2015. Now a qualified alloy production trailer boat specialist, you can catch him on the water diving for kina and crayfish, or enjoying time with his young family

Danny Martin

Head Fitout Technician
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Danny grew up in Antigua, the yachting hub of the Caribbean, so he’s got the on-the-water experience in his blood. When he’s not bringing his superyacht engineering background to play here in Whangarei, you’ll find him kiteboarding and mountain biking.